Christian Education In Schools (CEIS) and Special Religious Education (SRE)

Volunteers from Vision Christian Fellowship (VCF) join with members from other churches, to provide Christian Education in schools (CEIS) in Canberra or Special Religious Education (SRE) (Scripture) in Queanbeyan schools.

CEIS and SRE provide opportunities for students in primary schools in the ACT and in NSW to learn about the Christian faith.


Volunteers assisting with CEIS in Canberra schools, need to attend training provided by the CEIS team (see


Processes to authorise SRE teachers

In the first instance, VCF volunteers should meet with the SRE Coordinator to discuss SRE arrangements and requirements.  

All VCF SRE volunteers (assistants and teachers) are subject to selection and screening outlined in Vision Christian Fellowship’s Safe Ministries Policy and Procedures (see Section 4.)  This includes:

  • Obtaining a Working with Children Check Clearance number (VCF to verify);

  • Providing Statements in relation to specific crimes;

All SRE volunteers are also required to:

In addition to the above, volunteers who wish to become an SRE teacher are also required to:  

  • Complete initial training by an external provider eg Godspace on the Training Modules outlined in the ICCOREIS Basic Training Standard on:

    • Communicating in the classroom (Classroom Management);

    • Teaching SRE in Government Schools;

    • Learning and Teaching;

    • Preparing and Delivering lessons

  • Agree to undertake ongoing future training by external providers to improve teaching skills (training should include use of IT in the classroom, classroom management and implementation of curriculum). Refresher courses in child protection should also be undertaken;

  • Agree to teach from the approved curriculum (Godspace) with sensitivity and in a learning age appropriate manner;

  • Complete the Proforma on Self-reflection and Evaluation every 6 months from commencement of teaching.

  • Teacher self reflection and evaluation provides a focus for further targeted training and support.

VCF SRE volunteers are required to complete the SRE Authorisation Form, copies of which are kept at the church.


The curriculum, scope and sequencing used by SRE volunteers in Queanbeyan schools can be viewed at

Contact details for godspace

email:   phone: 02 9868 9235

Complaints Procedures

VCF expects its volunteers to act professionally, respectively and cooperatively with schools.