Sunday Prayer Ministry

We are committed to offering prayer ministry at the conclusion of every Sunday service. Our prayer lines are a safe place where you can come and receive prayer for personal needs. Our Prayer Team members have all been trained and operate in both the power of the Spirit and the gentleness of the Father’s Heart. If you would like to submit a request for prayer support during the week, email us.

Prophetic Sessions

If you are looking to confirm something God has spoken to you, or you are in need of spiritual encouragement, Prophetic Sessions provides an opportunity for you to receive personal prophetic ministry and prayer from a trained team. Prophetic Sessions is held on the last Sunday of each month during prayer ministry time. To attend, please place your name on the booking sheet in the foyer. 

Prophetic Art

We are blessed to have a number of artists within Vision Christian Fellowship. We invite our artists to create artwork during our times of worship to reveal the Father’s heart, thoughts and intent towards our church, our wider community and our nation. We display some of these pieces of artwork throughout our church building. 

As a church we offer individual counselling and prayer ministry sessions for the purpose of bringing healing to a person's soul. We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the only one who can truly release a wounded person from their emotional or mental burdens. One of the tools we recognise has value in this area is Transformational Prayer Ministry. See Transformation Prayer Ministry for more information.

 For further information or to arrange an appointment, please contact the Vision Office.