But God... (The Miracle of Grace)

Ephesians 2:1-10; John 3:16

We were dead in our transgressions
Our shame was deeper than the sea
But God, You stepped in
And showed Your mercy

We were separated from You
A great divide our sin had made
But God, in Your great love
You poured out grace

So how can we ever stop singing Your praise?

We were dead in sin, but God You stepped in
Showed us mercy and washed us clean
From death to life we’re raised
It’s only by Your grace

We were Your enemies, but God You showed love
Giving the precious gift of Your Son
For this miracle of grace
We’ll forever sing Your praise

We were bound by sin and darkness
We could do nothing to escape
But God, You brought freedom
And broke the chains

For You so loved the world that You gave Your only Son
Such undeserved kindness, O this gift of grace to us
Now what else could we do, but live our lives to bring You praise?
For You made us alive through the miracle of grace!

© 2019 Adam Ritchard / Vision Worship
CCLI # 7130783

Adam Ritchard — Lead vocal / Guitar
Brendan van der Spek — Backing vocal / Guitar
Jolyon Cox — Video / Audio