Know the time

When to act, when to wait, when to be led.

I have been reading a book on discernment these past few weeks. It has been a worthwhile read. In it I came across an interesting insight to the spiritual journey we all face. I thought I might share a little with you at a time when our church is enjoying the pursuit of God's guidance.

The Spanish word gracias provides insight into one of life's truths. All is grace: light and water, shelter and food, work and free time, children, parents, grandparents, singles, marrieds, birth, death - it is all given to us. Our very vocation is to receive them and say 'thanks'! 

 This is our daily reality as we venture through life. We need God's grace and gifts to live fruitfully and meaningfully wherever we find ourselves. Perhaps there is no such thing as the right place or the right job. We can be miserable or joyful, restless or at peace, in all situations. The Apostle Paul testifies to this in Philippians 4:12: "I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content ..."

Our vocation is simply to enjoy God's Presence, do God's will and be grateful wherever we are. Turning to the Lord fully, unconditionally and without fear is the only way to nurture a sense of gracias. When we do so, we begin to understand that we have no lasting dwelling here on this earth. Rather, we are travellers on the way to a sacred place where God holds us in the palm of His Hand.

When we receive this deeper awareness we discover the freedom to be a pilgrim, to pray without ceasing and to be grateful.  The following quote sums it all up:

my final destination is not a place; it is God's eternal embrace. 

 Perhaps some food for thought …

Peter Thompson