Keep on drinking God's new wine

As I write, as a church we are setting aside this day (Wed 20th May) to fast and pray for a breakthrough in healing illnesses, especially serious and chronic ones. We are doing so because the Lord put this on my heart a few weeks ago as I was pondering the number of people I know battling poor health.

As a church we believe in and practice praying for healing. Over the years there have been many people healed in our gatherings. For this we are grateful, but I want to see much more than we are currently seeing in the realm of power healing.

As a pastor, I believe the church should be pastored supernaturally with its entire people, especially the pastors, moving in the power of God. I was encouraged to hear that some of the youth group had to be assisted to their cars last Friday night because of the weight of the Holy Spirit on them after they had been prayed for. I was told laughter also broke out.

Personally, just one dose of the Holy Ghost is not enough for me! Nor should it be for you!

I’ve been watching videos of some meetings these past few days that were held in 1996 under Kenneth Hagin’s ministry. They were old style revival meetings where the power of God was very evident. People being touched with new wine, old and young, men and women dancing, jumping, running, laughing, falling all under the power of the Holy Ghost, as they refer to Him.

They were singing a chorus with the following words that convey a truth: I’m drinking of God’s new wine

And I’m going to keep on drinking until I’m utterly filled!

In Psalm 126, the impact of God’s presence releases joy – they laughed and their tongues shouted with joy. (vv 1-2). When the H/S is in charge, we don’t always know what is going to happen. We need to learn to follow when the H/S leads in different directions. It might come as a surprise to some of us, but dancing, singing, laughter are all expressions of joy. Yes, JOY.

We need some divine interruptions in our meetings and lives! If the H/S decides to do something different, then a meeting should see the H/S moving, the power of God being manifest and evident. The hand of the Lord should come upon people in meetings. Sovereign healings should occur.

A church needs to be pastored supernaturally. Every pastor needs to pastor supernaturally and every Christian be invited to live a supernatural life. Thank God for the supernatural and the H/S. I couldn’t do without Him. Our willingness to receive and follow Him is what will release greater healings.


Peter Thompson